With more than 20 years of experience THT Control Oy designs and provides tailor-made automation solutions to customers of all sizes, both industry and private sectors. We have everything you need under one roof: design, equipment, installation, SCADA and maintenance. Our team consists of professional designers, developers and installers. We work all over the country and beyond, but our main offices can be found from the cities of Tampere and Oulu in Finland.

For the last decade we have been one of the most significant monitoring and automation systems (e.g. ClearSCADA, Citect, Siemens WinCC, InTouch, Sixnet) import, training and retail companies in Finland. Inspired by our broad experience and the wishes of our customers, we offer today new kinds of tools for monitoring and control with our Cromi product family. We have customers from process industry, heat and water treatment facilities, building automation and electricity control domain. Our goal is to leave our mark to the automation field by means of innovation and modern technology. We focus on embedded and service-oriented systems as well as on our modular control and monitoring system.


with you

- System architecture
- User interface design
- Database design
- Cloud service
- Automation design
- PLC logic design
- Piping and instrumentation diagrams
- Electrical planning

for you

- Turnkey execution
- System installation
- System deployment
- System testing
- User interface customisation
- Database programming
- Tendering and acquisition of components
- Assembly of components

on behalf of you

- Updates and extensions of the system
- Software updates
- Project management
- Maintenance of virtual environment
- Maintenance activities

to support you

- Introduction to the system
- System training
- Database training
- Programming training
- Virtual environment training

With our qualified personnel we find the right solutions for our customers' needs!


On demand modular control and monitoring system

- Customised for your needs
- Pay-for-use
- User-friendly
- Platform independent
- Possibility for cloud and local service
- Suitable for any domain
- cTalk support

Smart RTU for rich real-time information control

- Process field data in real-time
- Interface to any industrial equipment
- Web-based configuration and programming
- Wireless support
- cTalk feature

  • S2000
  • Our scalable alternative
  • * cTalk
  • - Pushed updates
  • - Pulled updates
  • - Supports multiple points per message
  • - 10 times faster
  • - SQL database storage
  • - Many other

Don’t hesitate to ask further information from our team!

Research and product development

THT Control is committed to active research and product development. International research projects and our collaboration with Tampere University of Technology form the core of our R&D activities. The research projects provide us a possibility to be involved in world-class applications development and therefore establish our position as a technological pioneer.

We offer to the projects our automation expertise and test-environments for the technology under development. The research results provide us innovative solutions, as well as inspire and support our own product development.

  • Arrowhead
  • Astute
  • eScop
  • URB-Grade

'Enable collaborative automation by networked embedded devices.'

Arrowhead is one of the ARTEMIS AIPP projects. Many important European companies are involved e.g. THT Control, Acciona, Airbus Operations, FIAT, Ford, Honeywell, INDRA, NXP, Schneider Electric, STMicroelectronics and Thales. The objective of the project is to address the technical and applicative challenges associated to cooperative automation and to provide a common framework for networked embedded automation systems. Our company offers to the project a car heating post test-environment, where we focus on reaching our energy conservation objectives by optimising its use and control.

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