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THT’s Infra-automation solutions cover clean water production, network management, wastewater purification, heat and electrical energy productions. Our systems produce real process and usage management, including intelligent reporting system.Our service consists of: – device and software design

Process automation solutions in THTn’s factory environment cover the food industry, energy production and distribution, demanding ATEX environments, testing laboratories, and various product development environments. Process automation systems developed by THT provide real-time process and usage management, including an intelligent reporting system.

THT Control Ltd has been developing an extensive manufacturing automation management and control system CR-MES for several years now with customers. Client-specific solutions consist of CR-MES system smart modules; material management, product management, prescription, production control, quality, traceability, maintenance, reporting and analytics. Often the system is connected to CROMI control room and automation system allowing management and control to be seamless from the top to the field. THT Control Ltd. Also provides pre-design, implementation and maintenance of all project phases and lifecycle functions